Elegant photo series by Sayuri Ichida

An elegant photo series (“Mayu”) from Sayuri Ichida.

From the Ignant feature:

“Ichida uses the human form in an abstract manner, photographing Oguri—both the title and subject of the series—to portray the common struggle of being foreign in a large and lonely city such as New York. The resulting images are nothing short of gorgeous. Each frame is delicately considered in terms of composition and color palate, and each dance pose is conspicuously juxtaposed to the empty surroundings as a discernible nod to themes of exhaustion, loneliness, and displacement.”

The series features Mayu, a New York-based ballet dancer. Ichida has this to say about Maya’s poses in the photos:

“Everything she does as a dancer is so beautiful, so I asked her to not be too beautiful.”