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Abyss Table
Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Duffy casts an eye downwards, looking to the depths of the ocean to dream up a dramatic new table that brings the majesty of the big blue to the interior. Stacked glass allows for an amazing depth effect, drawing the eye down into the depths.


Whirlwind of Time
Kai & Sunny

Kai & Sunny images depict stylized imagery of nature, reducing natural forms to geometric patterns. This new series uses a vibrant color palette. The drawings are created using ballpoint pens, applied with single lines to build up complex images.


NASA travel posters

What will space tourism look like? NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory has created a poster series to imagine space travel in the near future. Influenced by post-war WPA propaganda and vintage travel posters, these fantastic images are intended to celebrate the diversity of planets being discovered.


Jungla Escondida
Zosen & Mina Hamada

The Barcelona based collaborative duo, Mina Hamada and Zosen, bring vibrant color and abstract shapes to life in their work across the globe. Zosen’s graphic characters and subtle commentary combined with Mina’s fluid shapes creates work unique to the urban art landscape.