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Kinetic Traces
Silvia Fado

Silvia Fado worked with an architect to realize these high heels with impact absorption built in, adding features such as springs, rubber balls and, pneumatic hydraulics while using laser cutting and 3D printing.


Sound Wave Form
Anna Marinenko

In this series of playful juxtapositions, Anna Marinenko pairs digital sound waves with natural forms, mixing audio and visual in a whimsical fashion, finding echos of digital in nature and vice versa.


Start It Up
1776 DC

A short interview with 1776 DC, a start-up incubator in Washington, DC which is encouraging innovation with disruptive technology in the areas of education, energy, healthcare, and smart cities.


CMYK Embroidery
Evelin Kasikov

CMYK is a color system based on the four colors used in offset printing. CMYK embroidery is a hand-made printing process that Evilyn Kasikov has developed, creating illustrations for clients such as The Guardian and WIRED.


City by the Ocean
Ieva Baklane

In this series of bright, sunlit paintings, Ieva Baklane combines minimalism, geometric shapes, and vibrant colors to create evocative images. Ieva has exhibited in Riga, Berlin, Prague, and Rome. More of her work can be found on Saatchi Art.