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Soft Dreams
Lynne Holland Weiss

Lynne says this about her work: “Some common threads in my work are feelings such as desire, longing, waiting, pondering mysteries and the unknown, physicality and human touch, time lapsing and movement, and the individual versus the collective.”


All The Way

Pref works at the intersection of street art, design, and typography. His creations often act as double and triple-entendres, visual-wise, while others act as optical illusions (or trompe-l’oeil) of sorts.


Scott Albrecht

Albrecht on his abstract woodwork: “My work is inspired by an ongoing observation of the situations happening around me, from the larger, shared experiences of our current events down to the more personal and intimate moments.”


Valerie Rey

Valerie Rey on her approach to art: “We fully realize ourselves when we are aware that our time is limited, which gives more value to life and allows us to appreciate the beauty of what surrounds us, every minute, every second that we are given.”