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How to Disappear
Tobias Kroeger

Tobias Kroeger paints with both oil and acrylic, fusing fine art with graffiti in new ways. In this new series, Kroeger presents work that represent humans as beings increasingly governed by digital realms.


Guide to Computing
DocuByte, INK

Here’s the predecessor to your sleek MacBook. These beautiful, minimalist images display vintage computer systems in all their retro glory. By James Ball, a photographer and art director with a thing for vintage technology.


The Blue Moment
Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

French fine art photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze documents the beauty and complexity of Hong Kong. The Blue Moment is an architectural series captured at the end of the day, before dusk settles over the the metropolis of Hong Kong.


Above the Depths
Tracie Cheng

An interview with artist Tracie Cheng, who discusses her influences (Ruth Asawa, Shiguru Ban) and what inspires her (Instagram, silly animal videos). Tracie fell in love with painting when she studied in Italy, and her passion shows.