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Everyone Ever in the World
Peter Crnokrak

Everyone Ever in the World is a visual representation of the 77.6 billion human beings to have ever lived, while Love Will Tear Us Apart shows all 168 covers of Joy Division’s song.


One Line, One Breath
John Franzen

John Franzen draws one line with each breath, creating freehand drawings which capture his meditation on the formless and the void.


Glitch Textiles
Phillip Stearns

Phillip Stearns’s Glitch Textiles project explores the intersections of textiles and digital art. The project transcodes glitches in the hard logic of digital circuits into soft textiles.


Color Palettes
Arthur Buxton

Arthur Buxton extracts the prominent colors from artwork and displays them in pie charts. The color distribution of each pie represents the five most used colors in each painting.


Time is a Dimension
Fong Qi Wei

LAB discusses color, perception, and user interfaces with Fong Qi Wei, an artist who adds depth to photos by layering multiple slices of time into each photo.