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Open Invitation
Darla McKenna

Darla McKenna has this to say about her work: “I am intrigued by the possibilities of arrangement and structure. There are rhythms; playing with the formal elements, exemplifying the beauty of shape, texture and color.”


Be Excellent To Each Other
Maricor / Maricar

Maricor/Maricar is a twin-sized studio specializing in hand embroidered illustration and lettering for publishing and advertising. They also direct for stop motion animation, hand craft props, and design custom lettering in a variety of mediums.


Colors + Shapes
Kristin Farr

Kristin says, “My paintings are directed by color and influenced by folk art practices. I also make art videos, interview artists, and curate art projects.” Kristin also works as the Deputy Editor at Juxtapoz.


Circle of Color
Tammy Kanat

Innovation is at the heart of Tammy Kanat’s creations. After 12 years as a jewelry designer, Tammy diverted her talents to textiles. Tammy has gained international recognition for her work. She believes weaving is an ever evolving and timeless art.