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Aelfie Rugs

Environment-friendly rugs from Aelfie made from recycled plastic soda bottles. Fantastic, bold, abstract patterns perfect for block parties. Aelfie’s design approach to design is informed by youth culture, tribal textiles, internet art, and high fashion.


Is It You?
Fabio La-Fauci

“Fabio’s works’ intrinsic plastic ambiguity enables a transformation, the passage from one form to another form and from one meaning to another meaning. This process derives from the artist’s subconscious, from his most hidden fears.”


Studio Bertjan Pot

Studio Bertjan Pot’s textile masks started out as a material experiment. Bertjan wanted to find new ways to make large flat carpet by stitching ropes together. The studio came up with the idea of shaping the rope into masks instead.


Troy Simmons

Troy’s massive, large-scale concrete canvases are a mix of aluminum, acrylic paints, and raw concrete. At first glance, the magnitude of his work is clearly realized— most of his pieces weight over 100 pounds.