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Crayon Box
Matt W Moore

From street murals to fashion design, Matt W Moore has a wide creative range. Matt talks with LAB about multi-disciplinary artists who combine DIY ethic with emerging tech.


Ripple Effect
Simon Page

Simple shapes combined in complex patterns, these vibrant, playful illustrations from Simon Page tickle the optic nerve. Simon’s philosophy: “Good design excites.”


Breathing Metal
Doris Kim Sung

LAB talks with Doris Kim Sung about a broad range of topics, including thermal bi-metals, biomimetics, origami, architecture, and 4D printed self-assembling structures.


Generative Jewelry
Nervous System

Nervous System writes code based on patterns found in nature and uses that code to create algorithmic 3D-printed and laser-cut jewelry, lighting, and artwork.


Satellite Collections
Jenny Odell

Jenny Odell’s Satellite Collections are amalgamations of man-made things cut out from Google Satellite View. Freight ships, irrigation circles, and stadiums assembled into epic collages.