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Rainbow Tree Rings
Cheryl Sorg

Cheryl Sorg is a multi-media visual artist originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. With this vibrant series of tape art, Sorg uses concentric rings of colored tape to create compositions that swoop and swirl.


Alexander Grigorev

Born in Saint-Petersburg, Aleksander spent part of his childhood in the Kirgizstan mountains near the Chinese border. Grigorev’s work ranges from design to conceptual art, and is influenced by traditional Asian and Russian art.


Fruit Salad
Tierney Milne

Tierney Milne is a Montreal-born designer and artist currently living in Vancouver. Her studies in Psychology and lllustration inspire her to breakdown the complexities of our inner and outer landscapes and recombine them in colorful and unique ways.


Young Lim Lee

Young Lim Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. She is continuing her art education by pursuing an MFA at the New York Academy of Art. Young has held exhibitions at Light & Space Gallery and the Oconee Cultural Art Center.