What is LAB?

A showcase of creative culture.

Could you be more specific?

LAB is a not-for-profit arts journal that features visual artists and media makers. LAB‘s core intention: to amplify the work of amazing artists around the world.

What does LAB publish?

A wide variety of visual arts culture: design, photography, illustration, typography, fashion, data visualization, sculpture, conceptual art. LAB features innovative media artists, entrepreneurs, and mavericks from around the globe. Take a look at the Browse section to find out more.

How is it published?

Issues of LAB are available in two formats:

1) a free web PDF version
2) a print version (via MagCloud )

The print version is sold at-cost, with no mark up. All articles are available online in two formats: text and PDF.


Want to help with our mission to amplify amazing artists? Have artwork to submit? Contact us: