Color, Shapes, and Light

I see the world in color, in shapes and in light. The process of discovering, simplifying and recreating iconic scenery has become my therapy. Through this journey, I have realised that even when you deconstruct landscapes down to their most simple of forms, they remain beautiful. The contrast between the crisp geometric lines of the mountains and organic textures of the trees has become my signature aesthetic. The polygonal shapes transform the peaks from being something that is recognizable as a mountain to a faceted, diamond-like form. These surreal scenes encourage the mind to wander and imagine what an alternate and more vivid world could look like.

The age of technology and social media has inspired my new collection to be more design driven and collaborative in its process. I use Instagram to research different landscapes and partner with photographers to recreate their images into a geometric and colourful piece of art. This shared journey allows my acrylic paintings and digital drawings to bridge different mediums and encourages artists to work together as a collective rather than as competition.

My hope is that my contemporary landscape art will inspire the viewer to look at the mountains around them with a newfound appreciation and curiosity. To see all the shapes and colours that make up their world rather than just seeing a view for what it is.