so there you go

The seventh issue of the ANP Quarterly is out, sporting an ecstatic Phyllis Diller on the cover. (Scroll down below the first fold of the ANP site for the intro to the current issue) The ANP is a free, sans-advertising quarterly (published by RVCA) that promises to “bring forward people and phenomena that deserve acknowledgement and coverage regardless of their place in time.” Yarly! In Portland, you’ll find it at Reading Frenzy, Jackpot Records, Motel Gallery, and Ozone Records.

An excerpt from the interview, with Miss Diller talking about what she paints:

Whatever comes out of my head. It all comes out of my head. Now my natural thing is a face. I see faces, faces, faces. Millions of faces. And faces are the part of the body that’s the most expressive. We have body language but faces are the most powerful beams you give out.

And Phyllis sure knows how to beam some powerful stuff. I’ve had to keep the magazine upside-down on my desk so it doesn’t give me the heebie-jeebies everytime I walk into the room. Yowza!