meat for the beast

Ray Fenwick and Julie Jackson, kingpins of the shady industries of illustration and cross-stitch, have combined their crafty perspicacity into a beefy new cross-stitch kit: Meat for the Beast. Can it get much better than this? It can and it will: the gory-yet-playful design glows-in-the-freaking-dark. Bone-chomping awesomeness! The kind that inspires fits of typing phrases-connected-by-dashes.

More meat for the insatiable browser monster: check out this redonkulous Craft Query interview with Mister Fenwick on Subversive Cross Stitch. A tiny sample of the meaty innards of the interview:

CQ: Will you start carrying a man purse when blue Q comes out with those excellent Fenwick coin purses?

RF: Are coin purses not masculine? I am so clueless. I guess the word purse implies feminine, but whatever, I would totally carry a coin purse. I would carry my brass knuckles and PCP in it. Open the purse, take the PCP, put on the brass knuckles, and then just go for it! I know PCP is not something to joke about. I’m sorry. But do you really want to make fun of the coin purse of a dude who is amped on Angel Dust and swinging his brassed knuckles around?