LAB at the library

We’re pleased to say LAB is now at the library. And not just any library— a traveling library, run by the The Itinerant Poetry Librarian (founder of the Poetry Cubicle). As she passed through Portland, The Librarian (AKA Sara Wingate Gray) installed a temporary library at Reading Frenzy, the IPRC, In Other Words, and several other locations. In its last year of travel, the library has signed up nearly 500 members from 10 countries and 14 cities. Find out more about the project here.

LAB joins a collection of eclectic and obscure small press books, pamphlets, magazines, and ephemera as the library hits the road and heads to its next destination: Seattle, WA. And if you’re the type who enjoys getting any kind of excuse to zoom around in Google Earth, then voila! : track the nomadic library’s sojourns via this nifty link.