Inspiration Pad, Marc Thomasset

Designed by Marc Thomasset, the Inspiration Pad revamps the highly classic school notepad with unconventional lines, aiming to capture nonlinear ideas and other creative thoughts. The idea of designing a notepad “with a twist” started in 2002. Marc was working as an art director in a big advertising agency, drawing projects in a notebook, and suddenly it hit him how a classic notebook, however beautiful, is always very rigid and grid like. He wanted to turn the conventional upside down with curved, angles and twisted lines in order to create one which could inspire people to unleash their own creativity. Finally launched in 2009, the first edition of the Inspiration Pad was available in a few selected places, such as bookstores and museum shops. In 2010, the Inspiration Pad was highlighted by the world-renowned creative platform Behance Network. Each pad is printed on paper certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

The Inspiration Pad is available online: