Blacker than Black, Frederik de Wilde

Frederik de Wilde is an artist working at the intersection between science and art. Working with carbon nanotubes (CNT), he has created a light-absorbing material that is “blacker than black.” The artist on nanotechnology:

The crux of my artist praxis is the intangible, inaudible and invisible. The nano-world is a great place/scale to explore these themes. Second, nanotechnology is actually a pretty ‘old’ technology, and it connects ancient art with contemporary art, science, space, time… but also with weirdness and ‘magic’, mystery and potentiality. It’s like a dance on subatomic level. From an art historical and scientific perspective it connects color theorists like Da Vinci with Isaac Newton, Cézanne, Kandinsky.

Frederik de Wilde on the intersection of art + science: “What I try to do is cre- ate a dynamic cross-fertilization between artists, scientists, and different loci, like research centers, universities, labs and industries.”