What’s a day in the studio look like?

A day looks like a painting, or a song. At first there is emptyness, desiring to be filled… or hoping to be recognized, then realized. A day and a canvas are likewise. A day waits for its time to be written, a canvas wait for its space to be drawn. The starting point in both singularities, is its/my/our Intention. From This Intention, comes The Act. From those acts, appear the chosen Realm. Time & space, such as the witness and creator in I (& you), struggle to make sure they do exist. So they organise to build a tangible context that would comfort each other.

How did you get interested in murals / street art?

It is natural for any body to evolve. To grow before it decays and transfers. The increase of points of view is what the Artist (or any consicousness/body being/thing) seeks. It’s necessary for it to go out of its frame to have a wider view, a deeper experience, for we hope, a better undertsanding of what/who it is. So it was very natural for me to first draw on a small scale paper, then on a larger, then a bigger canvas, a wall, and finally a mural. I’m not so interested in creating larger than a big mural, because I could not fly to experiment it as a witness yet. But it might happen :) To be more specific, I did many paintings on walls by my own means, a lot of them in Brazil, and finally, in 2008, someone offered me the conditions to paint a very large mural I wouldn’t have been able to realize without solid logistic solutions. Once I did one, other people offered me similiar opportunities.

Name 5 artists that excite you.

Modigliani, Henri Moore, Miro, always Picasso/Léger/Matisse, and above all, Nature.

*What colors are you currently drawn to? *

Lately, rather than bold color, I do enjoy very much the shade from deep black to a strong shining Blue. Since the first time I’ve been to Morrocco, I felt in love with the blue that Touaregs people wear to protect their face from wind and sun. It is more or less the same blue of Madrid’s sky an hour after the sun set.

What are you currently reading?

Right now, it is L’Univers à portée de main by Christophe Galfard. My favorite all time are: Le Petit Prince by Alexandre de St Exupery, Johnathan Livingstone, le Goéland by Richard Bach, and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

What inspires you?

Harmony. Life on earth and beyond. Consciousness and the way it choose to experiment itself through a body. The relation between the spectator and actor, both within ourself and towards others. Timelessness.