Platonics Wiref series

Platonics is an experimental brand that provides locally-produced, high-quality, elegant and eco- friendly design products for the habitants of the modern metropolis. At the same time it is intended to create a network and synergies amongst local designers, makers, craftsmen, and artisans. It draws inspiration from Platos’ realm of ideas, platonic solids, and the archetypes we have in our mind that shape our everyday lives.

The series is comprised of a bookcase, a drawer, and a door mate: a modular furniture series inspired from the tools and guidelines used in the digital design process. All materials are natural and available locally in order to reduce the carbon footprint of Platonics. All parts held together by hinges, screws, and gravity— no glue is used. The processes used to manufacture them are eco-friendly. The end product, the packaging, and the residues are biodegradable and the wooden parts are compostable.

Designed and developed by Dimitris Niavis.