getting things done

What happens when you when you mix the following ingredients: a dry erase marker, kitchen appliances, Miranda July, and some GTD (Getting Things Done)? This delightful website, launching Miranda’s latest book, No One Belongs Here More Than You.

high design, low design

Ed Fella discusses using vernacular signage as inspiration in Letters on America :

‘I use low design to make high design, non-condescendingly. It’s a kind of bio-feedback; it’s visual reference material at its simplest.’

Fella’s collection of polaroids in Letters on America is a wunderkammer of folk typography, vernacular signage, and indigenous hand-lettering. The best part? It’s completely non-ironic— no kitsch, no camp, no wink-wink nudge-nudge. This is a sincere fascination with how letters and type mutate and evolve out in the vast territory otherwise known as everyday America.