thou shalt lay headlines large and at the top of the page

There’s some juicy tidbits in Paul Felton’s The Ten Commandments of Typography/Type Heresy. Here’s one of ‘em— a quote from Barry Dreck:

I am really interested in typography that isn’t perfect, type that reflects more truly the imperfect language of an imperfect world, inhabited by imperfect beings.”

This little cloth-bound hardcover book (with its gold hot foil stamped cover) makes for a delightful reading experience. For half the book, The Ten Commandments of Typography, you get, well, the classic (and very sensible) rules of setting clean, legible text. The other half (which you flip the book upside down to read), Type Heresy, gives you good reasons to break all ten rules. A very hyperbolic + binary method of showing both sides of the coin, but, with a healthy dose of irreverent humor, it works well. That old cliched truism bears repeating: you have to know the rules before you break ‘em.