testing the water

Here we go!

As LAB dips its little pinky toe in the water with issue 0.5, we’re asking ourselves many questions: will the water be cold or lukewarm or hot? what kind of a body of water is this— a pool, a bathtub, a lake? and if it’s a pool, has it been peed in much? and how just how far can we run with this ‘testing the water’ metaphor, anyway?

So, voila: with jazz hands and a bright smile and with equal parts of pride (like you get when showing off your uncle’s glass eye at show’n’tell in 2nd grade) and embarrassment (like when you find out from the principle that it’s not appropriate to bring a family member’s ocular prosthesis to school), we offer up the LAB zine beta to you, Dear Reader.

Feeling a little confused? That’s okay. Jazz hands tend to have that effect. For more background on what the heck this is all about, check out the introduction to issue 0.5. If you’re not much into prefaces and intros, then just go ahead and plunge into the issue. Don’t worry— we guarantee it’s pee-free.