LAB: now with 200% MORE text!

Here at LAB, we like taking the hard way. So, we’ve gone thru and added text versions of all the articles (well, all the articles that aren’t already available on the web). How’s it work? Click the text link, and the text of the article will auto-magically appear. Pretty sweet, eh? Those who are having trouble with downloading PDFs (or have a slow connection) can now read the text online. Of course, the PDFs are all full of eye-candy and design-y goodness. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

SO: now LAB issue 0.5 is available:

  • in print, via Lulu
  • in PDF format, online
  • in PDF, as individual articles, online
  • in text format, online

Like I said, we like making things as complicated as they can possibly be. Next up: LAB, the ASCII version.

In other news, we’ve added a nifty little feature: you can now turn off the page-flippin’ action on the Issue Previewer. Why would you wanna do that? Let’s see:

  • you hate Flash
  • you’re stuck in dial-up land
  • you’re in a cafe with a dozen other folks suckin’ up the internet juice
  • you hate gratuitous eye-candy
  • all of the above

In the works: a rating system for articles. Weee!