Piet Schreuders on found typography

Excerpt from an Eye interview with Piet Schreuders:

MB: You are seen as a precursor of vernacular design.
[PS:] Well, it was kind of nice, ten years ago, to see that others, too, were interested in “sloppy typography” or “found typography”. But then it became a pigeonhole and I don’t like to be pigeonholed. What relevance does it have, when some art historian thinks up a name for it? For me it is more a matter of taste, of sensitivity: you see something and you think “yes!” Only after that first feeling of recognition do you start to look at it with the eyes of a professional, in order to find out what is so nice about it, what it is that makes it so catchy, so moving. Then you think about whether you can mimic that quality. Obviously, when you copy it, it becomes something different, a pastiche or a quotation. I have made a lot of pastiches and learnt a lot from doing them. And I have done things in which that element is present in the background. I have tried to keep some of the artlessness of ordinary things – that’s what interests me most.