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Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

Arrangements of hand-sewn fabric balls by Chilean textile artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia. Various sizes of spheres are grouped together like organic growths. This textile work reveals the artist’s obsession with accumulation and chaos.


Michael Massaia

Michael Massaia is a fine art photographer who documents areas and objects that never extend too far from his front door (like these melted ice cream bars). Isolation, disconnection, and a focus on the mundane are a constant in all of his work.


Interview with DeckTwo
Thomas Dartigues

A brief interview with Thomas Dartigues (AKA Deck Two) that covers the artist’s inspiration, influences, and techniques. What cities (and artists) inspire Deck Two? Find out in this brief interview with this amazing artist.


Dirty Tables
Benjamin Berg

Glitch artist Benjamin Berg (AKA Stallio) has been data-bending since the ‘90s. Berg does audio collage and generative glitch art. He has also done a series of throw pillows (on Society 6), for those who would like to decorate with glitchy, corrupted data.