LAB 8 is out.

LAB 8 is out! What’s in LAB 8? Pharrell Williams and his tank chair, Music DNA, and Mahieu Lehanneur’s Boom Boom wireless speaker. Highrise shoes by REM D. Koolhaas and Hovding’s airbag helmet for cyclists. Glitch blankets and cosmic scarves. Lita Albuquerque makes an expedition to the Antarctic to place 99 blue spheres in Stellar Axis, and Brandon Martin-Anderson puts 300 million dots on a map for the US Census Dot Map. What else? Petal fashion, paper flowers, and 3D paper patterns from Maud Vantours. A reconfigurable studio and a stunning art installation by DGT. LAB 8 closes with a massive solar flare captured by NASA SDO in extreme ultraviolet. Front cover: Maud Vantours. Back cover: image courtesy of NASA.