We found inspiration for the CITIZEN installation through the pedagogical watch-making process, arriving at the concept “LIGHT is TIME.” In the essence that the vast history of the astronomical universe, born and created with light, is but a chronological sequence of time.

CITIZEN’s philosophy to create “watches for all citizens” is the challenge set in light of the concept where “time changes by light.” In accordance with the concept, DGT Architects designed an installation capturing light and time. At the Triennale di Milano Exhibition Hall, as a part of the 2014 exhibition, is a space filled with 80,000 “base-plates”, found in all watches. From this mass of mechanical components, highlighted by light, three distinct volumes are >excavated< for circulation and to exhibit everything from CITIZEN’s first pocket watch through to the latest satellite watches. “LIGHT is TIME”—is a return and an intepretation of time’s origin and connection to light.

Project Information

Location: La Triennale Design Museum, Milan, Italie
Dates: 2014
Area: 423 m2
Type: Private
Client: CITIZEN WATCH Co., Ltd.
Program: Installation for Citizen
Project Team: Architect: DGT, Paris

Photo credit: Takuji Shimmura, Paris