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Future Memories
Catherine Nelson

In Future Memories, Catherine Nelson creates panoramic floating worlds from hundreds of photos, meticulously composing thousands of assembled details into rich visual environments that invite the eye to linger and explore.


Temari Balls
Nana Akua

Flickr user NanaAkua posted a gallery of photos of her 93-year-old grandma’s temari balls to Flickr and was amazed at the positive response. In this feature, she shares 30 years of temari balls with LAB magazine.


Pop Surrealism

Okuda explores the overlap between street art and pop surrealism. Inspired by music and film (including director Michel Gondry), Okuda brings his vibrant palette and bold geometric shapes to the streets.


Books in Cities
Edgard Barbosa

From London to NYC to Rome to Paris, Books of Cities measures the amount of books, written in the English language, referring to 10 major cities in the world between 1800 and 2000. Tool utilized: Google N-Gram Viewer.


LEGO Masters
Marco Sodano

Can you recognize these paintings? Marco Sodano takes a playful approach to recreating master paintings in LEGOs. On this series, Marco quotes Schopenhauer: “Every child is in a way a genius; and every genius is in a way a child.”