All images from Body Type, courtesy of Ina Saltz.

Image: Gene Pittman (see PDF)

“I wanted to get tough knuckle tattoos; nothing is tougher than an optimist, because you feel good about whatever happens, no matter what it is. I am a painter; I share living space with a good friend who got this same tattoo.”

Image: Nikki Villagomez (see PDF)

“I first fell in love with typography in college, but, looking back, I always had a love for letters. After my second child was born (her middle name is Eaves, after the typeface Mrs. Eaves) I got my first tattoo, the most beautiful of all punctuation marks, the comma, set in 100 point Bell Gothic. It is a constant reminder of my love for type and to not rush through things.”

Artist: Stephanie Tamez (see PDF)

“I am a graphic designer from France and a font addict. I got this tattoo while visiting New York City, and the morning before I got the tattoo I happened to find Body Type in the MoMA Design Store in Soho. I didn’t want to sport any message, just plain letters; the classic ‘lorem ipsum’ placeholder text, in classic Garamond, for the sheer pleasure of graphic delight.”