Andy Gilmore describes himself as a draftsman, designer and musician. Andy’s clients include Wallpaper*, Wired Magazine, The New York Times, Cool Hunter, and Creative Review. He explores physical properties and proportions of sound and light in his work.

Your work features wide spectrums of color and complex geometric patterns, and the interactions between those two (color and space). Do colors trigger certain emotions or memories?

From my perspective the range of colors is just too broad for specific colors to trigger specific memories and emotions but color interactions within a composition certainly can.

Skateboarding. Illustration. Are these two related at all? Do you find that your visual-spatial sense from skating translates to illustration, or vice versa?

Very much so. Illustration, Design, Photography and Film-making have played an integral role in defining skateboard culture and inspiring legions of young artists, from the physics and geometry of skateboarding to the architecture and inhabitants of the urban environment— the visual-spacial relationships of skateboarding translates very well into illustration and design.

Do you ever find yourself thinking in shapes?

Oh yes, of course, at the rate at which I work shapes are continuously crossing the mind and overlaying my visual field. 

What are you curious about?

All things great and small. 

Something that you come back to time and time again as a source of inspiration.

The brain and all it can perceive. 

Knowing what you know now, what advice would your Future Self give your Past Self?

Your wildest dreams are possibilities.