welcome, craftsters!

“Oh my! We have company.”

If you just found us via that aggregation of crafty goodness known as the CRAFTzine blog, please, come on in and take a look-see. We’ve got plenty of interviews with creative craftsters in our first issue:

Queen of Craft | interview with Leah Kramer

We talk with Leah Kramer (founder of Craftster.org) about the future of DIY crafting, what happens when you make tea cozies without irony, and what a typical day is like at the Craftster Castle.

#@%&! Potty Mouth | interview with Julie Jackson

The naughty potty-mouthed genius behind Subversive Cross Stitch talks about the idiot boss that drove her to stitch four-letter words in her spare time. And, yes, she does kiss her mother with that mouth. In fact, her mother helps her brainstorm new patterns!

Talkin’ to the Boss Lady | interview with Deb Dormody

Master bookmaker Deb Dormody (of If’n Books) discusses the craft renaissance, the influences of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and the centuries-old rivalry between bookbinders and jewelry makers.

What else? Pirate fashion and sea monkeys are some of the fantastic themes of Carye Bye’s Red Bat Press. And the gals at PDX Super Crafty share some of their savoire-faire in the form of this nifty Crafing for Profit article.

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And don’t mind me, I’m just going to dust these resin grapes… and put some slipcovers on the furniture…