MusicDNA uses an image of a music track’s wave form blended with a frame-by-frame compression of its music video to produce a beautiful, vibrant, and unique piece of art. The project’s team, having already successfully launched a previous project through Kickstarter, are confident that they have an art concept that will catch music lovers’ attention all over the world. A company spokesman said:

“Having learnt a great deal from our previous successful project, we are very confident we have a great idea that will really catch on here. The project is simple but completely unique. We take a song’s wave form – the visual representation of the music – and blend it with a frame-by-frame image of its music video. When we overlap them, the result is a beautiful image that looks incredible framed. The beautiful thing about our project is that you can ‘read’ the art. You can see the highs and lows of the song, the chorus, the solos. You can make out what is happening in the music video. This is a whole new kind of art, created for music lovers. You have to see it to really appreciate it.” Find out more on Kickstarter: