Reconfigurable Studio, Paticular Architects

Located in the heart of Melbourne, this small studio space for Particular Architects features a reconfigurable work space, creating a space of many places. In the architects’ own words:

We wanted to create a space that allowed us to take on multiple characters, a space that will allow us to flex — to be big and small, to rove from solo to team to crowd. We wanted to create a space which could be broken down without losing the sense of generosity and openness. We wanted to create a space with embedded opportunity, an infrastructure for work, creating, and making.

The studio space is designed as two opposing and contrasting halves: the work floor and the transformer.
The work floor has been treated in utilitarian and conventional finishes. Acoustic paneled ceiling, painted walls and carpet flooring, this half of the studio space serves as the formal ‘office’ and work zone for our Australian team of 6 architects. It consists of 2 banks of 3 workstations, facing in opposite directions, separated by a communal work bench. This configuration allows us to transition from individual (screen facing) work to team based activities by turning around. Drawings are called up on the embedded LCD screen in the bench top, sketched over, reducing the need for printing.

The transformer forms the other half of the studio space. In stark contrast to the neutral Work Floor, rich natural timber with exposed end grains and texture are employed, providing a tactile overtone to the space. Inspired by the micro living units in Hong Kong, the space is populated with a series of track mounted plywood bookcases which serve as storage, display units and also as dividers. When filled, they form an eclectic and vibrant backdrop to the activity they enclose. Custom desk panels have been design to nestle into rebates in the shelves, creating capacity for increased desk capacity during peak project load periods. The transformer is a shape shifter, highly flexible and modular without being generic, an infrastructure for creating many spaces.

Images courtesy of Particular Architects