Circular Knitic

Circular Knitic is an open hardware project. Using digital fabrication and maker tools—
3D printing, laser cutting, makerbeam, and Arduino— we have designed a replicable circular knitting machine. Fab Labs and makerspaces are interested in hard-surface object production. The 1st digital fabrication tool, an electronic knitting machine dating back to 1976, has been forgotten and discontinued. With this project, Circular Knitic, we aim to integrate textile fabrication into maker culture. In 2012, we were inspired to build a knitting machine. In maker culture, production of textiles is often overlooked. Circular Knitic demonstrates that beautiful textiles can be produced with digital fabrication tools. All of the parts for the knitting machine can be 3D-printed. Circular Knitic was created for an exhibition called DOERS, curated by Arduino co-founder David Cuartielles, which takes place at Etopia Center for Art & Technology in Zaragoza, Spain, where five circular knitting machines will be knitting long scarves.

Images and words courtesy of Varvara and Mar