Urban Rhythms

Geometric patterns, rhythm and lines are driving forces in my photographic art. What fascinates me in photography is the interplay between ‘realistic’ registration and geometric abstraction. This is why I often choose to photograph elements of architecture. Apart from its functions (housing, office space, contemplation), architecture also has a graphical, more abstract dimension that fascinates me. Looking at my work, you will recognize facades and windows, but at the same time you may also perceive these compositions as carefully designed tapestries. When making photographs, I look for elements and places that in- crease my heartbeat and intuitively fit in “my world.” In this way, I come up with fields full of rhythm, colors, and lines. They are my vital sources of happiness. Just like a smile of a loved one can change around a dreary day. I intend to cultivate the original sensation, as pure as possible, and preferably in an enveloping way that covers most of the image plane. My ultimate goal as an artist is to pass on this inspiration and hopefully brighten other people’s days as well.

Images and words courtesy of Paul Brouns