Construct is a series of images of places that do not exist. Their composite parts are the culmination of the ongoing explorations of Philadelphia-based photographer, Laura Kicey. Over a period of three years, Kicey accumulated hundreds of photographs of architectural details; doors, windows, awnings, vent hoods, signage, bricks, peeling paint, and mortar were then recombined and given a new color and place of their own. Construct creates places at once surreal and familiar, the geography of nowhere.

The concept was born in a period when the artist’s health condition curtailed travel. Armed with a laptop and a rich archive of surfaces and textures, Kicey built a stage for her own adventures in color, design, and entropy. Still on the path to recovery, she continues to find comfort in escaping to her constructed realm. Though she does not think of herself as a collector, if given unlimited space and the strength of giants, Kicey might just pocket entire buildings. What would she do with them? She’s not telling. ¤