Phone Streak font, Marcus Byrne

Phone Streak is a design project to turn hand waving gestures into a full working font suite and physical object by combining a love of typography and a fascination with 3D printing. It started as a simple idea to make one typographical character into a 3D object by light painting. Marcus decided to take it further by developing a full working font suite to give away free. All the characters are made from photographing light streaks generated from an iPhone in complete darkness using a Canon EOS 5D at 3.2 to 4 second exposures. He wanted the characters to flow organically and retain the imperfections of the various type shapes while maintaining the very obvious letter structures. He also kept the iPhone app icons visible in the full colour images. After creating a full font suite in True Type and Open Type format, he then took his favourite character, the upper-case ā€˜Zā€™, and had it 3D printed.

Download the font here.