Villa Vivante: The Dynamic Dimension of Geneva, Interactive Things

During one day, Swisscom subscribers in Geneva generate approximately 15 million connections from 2 million phone calls. This information, called ā€˜digital traces,ā€™ offers new insights about the city, which are of great interest both from a economic and political perspective: For citizens this data allows to feel the pulse of the population and see how they use the urban space. It offers a great innovation opportunity for new citizen services like traffic jam detectors or nightlife buzz indicators. For the public administration these digital traces can be very useful to evaluate urban planning strategies. For businesses the digital traces can reveal insights on how popular certain districts are, during what time periods. This information can be leveraged to determine leases or chose the best spot for a shop or restaurant.

Production date: February 2012
Creative director: Christian Siegrist
Designers: Christoph Schmid, Benjamin Wiederkehr, Jeremy Stucki, Flavio Gortana
Client: City of Geneva, Lift Conference