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LAB Project 04
folk typography

The results of Project 04: contributors discuss vernacular typography, found type, and curious lettering. Cassidy Curtis, Pete McCracken, Laura Kicey, and others wonder about the genomes of letters, Mexican folk typography, domestic word salad, and the deep end of the typographical gene pool where wild stallions roam.


Keeping It Wild
Justin Morrison

Scrappers is his name, and making stuff is his game. Some say he created the Grand Canyon by dragging his ax behind him, and made Mount Hood by… wait— that’s Paul Bunyon. Although, Scrappers, AKA Justin Morrison, is a kind of frontiersman, pushing boundaries and keepin’ it wild with his bioregional-savvy art.


Wreck This Interview
Keri Smith

Keri Smith, illustrator, author, and guerilla artist, tackles some meaty polysyllabic topics: pyschogeography, blog advertising, street art, phenomenology, and the art of arranging of your books. Some advice from Keri? Do work you feel strongly about and put it out into the world. Reinvent the wheel. Fuck the money.


Start Here
Steve Powers

Where do you start with Steve Powers? He’s worked the whole spectrum, from showing in NYC galleries to painting signs at Coney Island to a stint of graffiti (as ESPO) which earned him a six-count felony indictment. LAB talks with Steve about manicures, time machines, the creative commons, and the end of the world.